Monday, February 25, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 10: Osaka *Part 3*

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Next up, I headed for Osaka castle. Took the subway to Tanimachi 4-chome station.

Exit 9

Entering the castle grounds.

It's actually quite a long walk from the exterior of the castle to Osaka castle itself. Took me about 20mins. Still walking on the castle grounds, but still quite awhile from reaching Osaka castle itself.

Shops on the castle grounds.


Cloudy skies kept following me wherever I go on this day.
 After I'm done with visiting Osaka castle, I headed to buy some food back to my room for dinner. Had an early night since I had to pack my luggage and wake up early the next day to catch my flight.
The hotel I stayed at. 1900yen for single room with shared bathroom.

Potato croquette

Pan fried shrimp dumplings

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 10: Osaka *Part 2*

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After leaving the train museum at Bentencho, I took a short train ride to get to Tempozan Ferris Wheel area.

Inside Tempozan market place (next to the Ferris Wheel and Aquarium)
Found a shop selling One Piece stuffs. But the staff is extremely strict with their "no-photography" rule. Moments after I entered the shop, the staff approached me and requested me to cap my lens. She also kept following me around, kinda like trying to ensure I don't whip out my camera,  which makes this the most unpleasant shopping experience for me in Japan. 

There's also a shop selling Miffy products! And it's cheaper than what I could get from Huis Ten Bosch in Kyushu back in Feb 2012.

Took a break, had an ice-cream.

There's a retro section with food stalls here.

Lunch. Katsudon again.

Ninja themed shop

Kakashi-sensei standing in front of a Ninja House attraction

100yen shop
Cute stuffs, 100yen

The Osaka Aquarium is just next door, checked out the admissions rates, and I decided not to go since I'm not too crazy over fishes.

Seems like a storm is coming. The clouds were really low and grumpy looking

Time to head for Osaka castle for a quick visit next...