Saturday, December 4, 2010

Japan Day 8 - Sapporo (4 Dec 2010) *part 2*

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After Shiroi Koibito Park, our friend Yasutaka-san brought us to Odori Park where there's a German Christmas fair.  Lots of German food and cute little decorations being sold here.  Many glassware too, however they are expensive.
really low clouds...

Yeah. It's real dark at 4:27pm


Both Alf and I asked Yasutaka-san what are these boxes that we see on the pavements.  He says that it's packs of sand which people scatter on the roads to prevent skidding/slipping during winter.  

Underground carpark beneath the Tower

Hmmm....can't decide between Kani Shogun or Kani-Ya since both are side by side...


Finally decided on Kani Shogun
In comparison, although Kani Shogun's food is really nice, however both of us still kinda prefer the restaurant Kani Honke we had the previous evening (and following evening).

I'm really impressed by the Japanese service staffs .  In this instance, the lady serving our table made the effort to place the plates on our table such that the design is facing us the correct way.

Crab spring roll

Crab tempura

...more crab...

Crab porridge...
 Thus concludes our 2nd night of Crab.  Although we didn't spent as much as the previous night, however it still wasn't exactly cheap (although we both really enjoyed the food thoroughly).

We walked towards the subway to take 1 stop back to our hotel.  At the station, we saw another 1 of these stamp stands so I collected another chop again. :)
There are many such stands located everywhere in Japan (usually at major train stations, place of interest, airport...etc) so if you want to collect these, might be a good idea to bring a small notepad.

As if we weren't already full, we went to Daimaru dept store and looked for supper to buy back to our room.
Since it's near closing time, so most food are on discount. :)

I bought 1 of these...Katsudon

Lockers for keeping your bag.

 Upon returning to our hotel room, we were very impressed and surprised to find this on our table.  The paper cup had just a little bit of water left when we left the room this morning and apparently the housekeeping staff noticed it and placed a piece of paper on top of it to prevent dust from getting in.
Not just that, we noticed that they also adjusted the 3 nozzles of the shampoo/conditioner/body foam bottles in the toilet to be facing the same direction.
And in the morning, I used the hotel provided hairbrush in the toilet and left it next to the sink....what I saw when I returned was that the hairbrush was neatly placed back to the toiletries basket....and devoid of stray hairs on it!  :)

As if the supper is not enough, we kinda went to 7-11 to look for snacks later in the night. :)

You can get these at convenience stores here.  You can attach this to the soles of your shoes to prevent slipping on snowy roads.

Walking past Sapporo station on our way back to hotel from the convenience store.
Thank you Yasutaka-san (Euph) who took the time to drive 2 hours all the way down from Asahikawa to meet us in Sapporo and brought us around.  We will definitely be back again. :)

Other Entry for this day: Part 1